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About us

Diamond Metal Works was incepted under the inspiring leadership of Mr.SohelKhan Pathan with the vision of revolutionizing interior industry by providing high quality but cost-effective products.
True to its vision, Diamond Metal Works has achieved many milestones in the interior designing industry by constantly and actively innovating its offerings to fulfill customer needs.
Driven by the sole motto of providing unique customer experience, under the expert guidance of Mr.SohelKhan Pathan, the organization is administered into different streams.
Each stream follows the committed vision to achieve profitable growth, undergo and surpass business challenges by achieving flexibility.
From the time of inception, we have grown by continuously acquiring new customers and introducing customized products. Its impact is reflected in the form of delighted customers.
Our success in the interior industry is built on the edifice of a constant drive to improve, and surpass customer delight. Through the years we have built a zealous team that strives to create beautiful spaces with happy faces. At the root of our innovations is our compelling desire to constantly upgrade our knowledge, and expertise to offer customized and unique products.
Keeping pace with changing times, our team understands customer concerns, challenges, and preferences that get incorporated in our product offerings that include:

Our Core Value

Safety comes first
Deliver nothing but the best
The costumer is always right
Grow together for a brighter tomorrow

Our New Purpose

To encourage innovation & pioneer constructive solution to transform the way India builds.
We export


These are various type of demand for various products across the world.Now a days India is the of fastest growing country in the globalised world.So taking it as a responsiblity to fulfil the demand of the market by supporting the exact product to their destination Gyplims shows its seeds to grow up a tree having all fruits, whose branches reach all over the world.
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